Mark Shickel


Mark earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech and remains a Hokie at heart. After graduation, he returned to work for Shickel and started the Engineering Department. He spent 24 years as Vice President of Engineering & Sales until he stepped into the role of President of Shickel Corporation upon the retirement of Helen Shickel in 2014. When Mark is not working at Shickel he is busy raising cattle on his farm, spending time with his family and helping with leadership at his church.


To be the most trusted name in the design, fabrication, and installation of custom metal products.


Shickel Corporation is a company of people with the experience and craftsmanship required to meet the challenges of our discerning customers. Our team designs, fabricates, and installs exceptional custom metal products. In all things we endeavor to honor our Lord, pursue excellence with integrity, and create value for our customers, co-workers, stakeholders, and community.


Shickel Corporation is committed to safety in the workplace, both yours and ours. Whether we are working on-site in your “confined space” or at our facility spray painting your products, we work hard to prevent all possible hazards to people and property. Each department has a monthly safety meeting for training in best practices, brainstorming better ways to work safely, and providing feedback to management. In addition, we have a monthly all-employee safety meeting for everyone to be trained in the best practices. To have a safe, healthy work environment for our workers, we participate in OSHA’s voluntary compliance inspection program.


The formal safety program at Shickel Corporation consists of several parts. It is designed around the following beliefs:


1. If a job or task cannot be done safely, it should not be done.

2. Job procedures and safety procedures cannot be separated. Every job will be done with safety measures included in every phase from quoting to delivery and installation.

3. All necessary steps will be taken to prevent accidents from happening.

4. Our employees will work as a team and be safe as a team.


Safe work behaviors will be demonstrated by assessing hazards, planning all work, and engineering safe workplaces and practices.



John and Fleta Shickel buy a 50% interest in a 900 square foot wood frame machine shop to found Miller-Shickel Machine Shop


With the purchase of the remaining 50% the name is changed to Shickel Machine Shop. The main services provided were the sharpening of tools, hammering circular mill saws and general repairs for farmers


Shickel Machine Shop original building


The first owner of Shickel Machine Shop: John A. Shickel


Electricity is added to the building and the first welding machine is purchased, laying the ground work for the company Shickel Corporation is today


Carlton and Helen Shickel purchase Shickel Machine Shop from John and Fleta Shickel


Carlton becomes President of Shickel Machine Shop and would serve in that position until 1994


Carlton Shickel in front of Shickel Machine Shop

Late 1970s

Shickel Machine Shop in the late 1970s

Early 1980s

Shickel Machine Shop sales cross $1,000,000 for the first time


First of many annual picnics held for the families of all Shickel employees


Shickel Machine Shop in 1985


The first computer network was installed to accommodate an electronic inventory system


Office space expansion is added to existing building to accommodate the growing business


Helen Shickel becomes President of Shickel Machine Shop and would hold that title until her retirement in 2014


Adjacent land and buildings are purchased and used for work space and storage


Shickel Machine Shop name is changed to Shickel Corporation to better reflect the current services provided

Early 2000s

Shickel Corporation team


Shickel employee family picnic


Shickel completed the full restoration of a 19th century Challenger double head windmill. Once restored, Shickel disassembled, shipped and reassembled the unique piece in its Salinas, California home.


Shickel Corporation’s sales top $10,000,000 for the first time


Shickel receives the Fabricator of the Year Award from The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association


Shickel team at Helen Shickel’s retirement from the company


Shickel fabricated and installed a counterbalanced stair that is the centerpiece of the University of Mary Washington’s University Center. The stair was the showpiece of Shickel’s multi-million dollar role that also included ornate aluminum railing and glass handrail.


Shickel Corporation’s sales top $20,000,000 for the first time


Shickel Corporation turns 80 years old!


Shickel Corporation designed, fabricated and installed the Turtle that stands on Capital One Field at the University of Maryland. This stands as a rally point for the Terrapin football team before each home game.

Shickel Present Day